Indication of Model Numbers of PLF Planetary Reducers

Descriptions of PLF Series Economic Planetary Gearbox

Our company’s famous EPF series standard planetary gearbox is a precision in-line gearbox or coaxial reducer with a square flange to ensure the stability of the reducer. Our famous brand reducer planet carrier is designed with a double support structure, and the front and rear bearings are distributed in the box with a large span, forming a stable overall structure to ensure higher rigidity and precision. The main transmission structure of the planetary reducer consists of a sun gear, 3 planetary gears and a ring gear, all of which are kept in constant mesh. The working principle of the reducer is to reduce the motor speed and increase the transmission torque.

Features of EPF Series Economic Planetary Gearbox

  • High rigidity & high torque

The EPF series standard planetary gearbox is equipped with a compact structure with the use of a high-quality alloy steel shell and uncaged needle roller bearings, which guarantee the high rigidity and high torque of the VRL planetary speed reducer.

  • High positioning accuracy

The gear of EPF economic planetary gearbox is manufactured with the imported helical gear by high processing technology from Germany. Besides, the backlash is lower to 3 arcmins.

  • Good sealing and no leakage

The EPF gearbox adopts full synthetic lubricating oil with high viscosity, which makes the speed reducer runs smoothly.

  • Excellent wear resistance

The gear material is made of high-quality alloy steel and carbonitriding to obtain the best wear resistance and impact toughness.


EPF economical planetary gearboxes are widely used in CNC machine tools, cutting and welding equipment, textile printing, and dyeing machinery, packaging machinery, food machinery, medical machinery, data communication systems, robots, robotic arms, composite material equipment, precision testing instruments, testing machines, plastics Machinery, glass machinery, coal mining machinery, lifting machinery, metallurgical machinery, construction machinery, and other industries.

Specification Table of EPF Planetary Gear Reducer

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